The War for Ishtar

Adventure #1(a)

The party, having taken a contract from Raulk to capture Weireth Tower and slay the wyrmling inside, traveled for two days across the Plain of Khanzas and climbed to the roof of the tower to attack the dragon and several kobolds. At the end of the first session, Matthew and Jacob were 2nd level.

The next session, the PCs met up with Chris’ character in-game, chained up in a corner of the third floor, and he joined them to finish cleansing the tower. They encountered numerous traps and completed two monster encounters. At the end of the session, midnight had just come, and the characters were upgrading to 3rd level. Jacob had been made unconscious but was stable, and Chris had looted the 4th floor while they waited for midnight so Matthew could use Lay on Hands.

It is currently uncertain as to whether or not certain special abilities were used, or the respective hit points of the characters, but this will be determined from their character sheets at the beginning of the next session.



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